Exciting updates: two new Stratia products + a podcast appearance!

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I’ve been busy, and it clearly hasn’t been with creating content for this blog since it’s been three months since my last post! WHOOOOOPS

New Products Announcement

If you’ve signed up to test my DIY creations, you know that I’ve been working on a gentle non-foaming cleanser and a 10% mandelic acid gel for a long, long time. I’m ecstatic to announce that both those products are now available for purchase in my online store, StratiaSkin.com.
Velvet Cleansing Milk is a rich, emollient cream cleanser that effectively removes dirt, grime, and other buildup while leaving your skin’s natural oils in place. Its cleansing power comes from Olive Oil PEG-7 Esters, a water-soluble form of olive oil that gently bonds to grime on your face and rinses cleanly away. Fortified with chamomile, aloe, and rice bran oil, it’s a soothing, purifying cleanser that won’t dry out your skin or leave a film.

Soft Touch AHA is a 10% mandelic acid gel that gently sloughs off dead skin cells to help reveal smoother, brighter, clearer skin. Mandelic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid, so it’s great at exfoliating, brightening, fading PIH, stimulating collagen production, and increasing cell turnover. The mandelic acid molecule is much larger than other AHAs, so it doesn’t penetrate the skin as deeply, meaning it’s much gentler and less likely to cause irritation. It also has unique antibacterial properties, so it’s an excellent acne-fighter.

I’m on a podcast!

The wonderful and brilliant women behind the podcast Balance Out the Bad: Mindfully Solving Modern Problems were kind enough to have me as a guest on their skincare episode. We talked about how skin works, the science behind skincare, evaluating your routines, hormonal acne, parabens, and more. You can listen to it here or on most major podcast apps!

Why haven’t I been updating this blog as much?

You may have noticed that my posts dropped off dramatically around the time I launched Stratia in May. There are two reasons for that. First, a lot of my posts used to be product reviews, and now that I own a skincare line, it feels like a conflict of interest to review other brands, so I’ve lost a whole category of potential content.
Second, I am next-level stretched thin. I still have a full-time job unrelated to skincare, plus I’m responsible for every aspect of Stratia, from research & development to manufacturing to bottling to shipping to customer service. I barely have time to feed myself, much less wax poetic about hydroxy acids. (Shoutout to Annie’s frozen meals for keeping me alive for the past six months.)
I will do my best to bring new science-y skincare-y content to this blog when I can, but no guarantees it’ll be with any sort of regularity. If you want to keep up with what I’m doing, follow @StratiaSkin on Instagram – I post there quite a lot with behind-the-scenes and stuff.


    1. I would love to write reviews but it feels kind of slimy to give reviews of other products as a business owner, for some reason! Maybe I’ll start a new anonymous blog just for reviews…

  1. It’s a loss not to hear you waxing lyrical lately, but mad props for creating Stratia *and* having a full-time job. That’s pretty insane. Well done! The whole line looks fantastic.

  2. I mean, I know it was my choice to read, but I really thought you’d have something useful to talk about. All I hear is a bunch of complaining about something that you can fix if you weren’t too busy seeking attention.

  3. hey what shopify theme did you use in your store? i really like it and cant find one like it

  4. Please continue doing reviews! I miss seeing what products you’re using. As long as you’re not posting fake rave reviews of your own products (like Paula’s Choice…) it’s not slimy at all. For comparison, a few beauty gurus on YouTube own makeup companies and still do product reviews and it offers a different perspective since they’re familiar with formulating and selling cosmetics. Or even if you did a favorite products or worst products type post. Or an updated routine. I miss your posts! Hope all is well with Stratia!

  5. I miss your posts too! Would you consider doing a couple of posts about products you are working on? Kind of like the post about the early versions of liquid gold or that one post about when things go sideways while formulating.
    Or ingredient reviews? Anything really!
    And if not that is totally fine too 🙂

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