About Me

Me: 30-something chemistry fanatic and owner of the skincare brand Stratia.i-MpmQCXh-X2

My skin: dryyyyyy. Prone to redness, aging, not particularly sensitive, dark undereye circles. Dry dry dry.

This blog: my varied ramblings about skincare, including but not limited to: product reviews, ingredient spotlights, research and studies I find interesting, general thoughts about skincare and the beauty industry at large, and photos of my dog.


  1. Hey, lovely lady! You’ve been tagged in my latest post (Beauty Blogger Award). 🙂

    (By the way, I haven’t forgotten… I’m about done testing your brilliant DMAE toner! :’) Will email you about it soon.)

  2. Amazing Blog, love it! I would be greatful, if you make a post on Ingredients; what is good & what should be really avoided (as well as parabens, mineral oil etc)

    Best regards from Hamburg

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  4. hi there! new follower here. happened to see your reddit post regarding kiku-masamune and started exploring your other blog posts. so far, all great reads! keep it up.

  5. Hi Alli – Bill P. from Phoenix here – your Dad’s friend. Just wanted to congratulate you on following your dream. You had a couple great mentors, so not too surprised, but still very happy for you. Take care. Happy October… 🙂

  6. Where did you get the name “The Acid Queen” from? Is it possible it could be a reference to the rock opera Tommy by the Who?

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