Announcing Stratia, my new skincare company (YAaaAAAAaaaAAAyYY)

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First things first: OMGOMGOMGOMG


Now that that’s out of the way, I CAN’T BELIEVE it’s finally time to announce that my li’l skincare company is live! It’s called Stratia, named after the variousย stratum layers of your skin (stratum corneum, stratum granulosum, etc.).

This has been a labor of love fueled by diet coke, an undying love of chemistry and glowy skin, and, most importantly, the support and kindness of all of you. Thank you to everyone who helped me test Rewind and Liquid Gold – you guys were absolutely instrumental in this launch. And thank you thank you thank you to everyone who reads, comments, shares, emails – I would never have considered this a dream worth pursuing without your support.

I’m launching with two products: Rewind, an anti-aging essence featuring DMAE, and Liquid Gold, a moisturizer meant to heal your moisture barrier featuring ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids.

I’m currently developing a facial oil blend and a gentle non-foaming cleanser that I hope to add to the lineup in the coming months.

If you can, please help me spread the word far and wide. I’ve funded this 100% out of my own pocket so my marketing budget is exactly $0 at this point.ย Word of mouth is what I got.

Once more with feeling: THANK YOU. If you have any questions about the company, the products, the formulas, anything, my door is always open.

With endless love and glowing skin,



      1. Hi Alli! I just received my wonderful package today and I am so excited to use my 2 new products tonight!!! I must tell you I am amazed at the size of the bottles, they are much larger then I expected, you are SO generous!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I do have a question, I have recently started using Tretinoin Cream 0.05 and I was wondering if I would be able to use both of these products in conjunction with my Tret. in the evening? I would of course wait the allotted time frame after applying the tret. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you again so much for sharing your talent with us! You are amazing!!!!! I can’t wait to see what you produce next! <3

      2. Awesome, I’m so glad they arrived safely! Liquid Gold pairs perfectly with tret – it’s formulated specifically to repair damaged moisture barriers, which is a big side effect of actives like tret. Rewind is also pretty gentle and should be fine – I use all three every day and my skin is still firmly in place.

  1. Congratulations on launching ๐Ÿ˜€
    Can I ask two things? One – why transparent glass? Two – what are procedures that indie company must fulfill in US to sell its products? In Europe, it’s actually pain in the ass (not to mention costs) to launch a small skincare company, test have to be runned with health and hygiene departments, so those Etsy brands always make me cringe if you know what I mean. Is it regulated?

    1. Thanks! I chose transparent glass because A) for liquid gold especially, it would be a real surprise to pump that out of an opaque bottle if you weren’t expecting the color, and B) none of the ingredients I’m using are particularly sensitive to light and have been adequately stabilized/preserved/chelated.

      There aren’t a ton of official regulations in the US for skincare companies – honestly, I wish it was more like the EU, because we wouldn’t get as many people selling un-emulsified, unpreserved, lemon-juice-and-baking-soda nightmares. That said, I follow a very stringent protocol for manufacturing products including disinfecting all working surfaces and tools, using gloves and protective eyewear, labeling and tracking all ingredients to ensure they’re stored correctly and used within their shelf life, etc. Even though there aren’t governmental regulations keeping me in line, I keep myself in line ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Oh happy day! Evidence based skincare makes me want to dance like Tina Belcher AND Jimmy Pesto Jr. Can’t wait to get my grabby lil hands all over that Rewind. Congrats on your launch and hat’s off to all the hard work, research, and mad scientisting skills that got you to this point. Now, on to that no foam cleanser…

  3. Holy shit alli, I’m so happy for you I’m pratically screaming like a fan girl right at this very moment!!!!! Lolololol. Anyway, lot’s of love from Australia! I can’t wait to get my grabby little mitts on your fabulous concoctions. Btw, I hope one day in the distant future, chel from Holy Snails and yourself could get together and collaborate to create some sort of awesome skin care line or something like that, I would set my wallet alight just in an instant! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Heyyyyy I just added shipping to Australia! I’m too small-scale at this point to subsidize shipping, so I have to charge at cost and it’s a little pricey ๐Ÿ™ But still, better than nothing I hope!

  4. Ooo h congratulations!! im !! so!! exited!! about this especially because of liquid gold! I have been looking for a lightweight ceramide containing product that was unfraganced (why are essential oils in nearly everything this days i dont want non of that unnecessary photosensitizing no uh ) and this seems to be it! also the niacinamide looks delicious in there.. what is its percentage in the formula?

  5. Congrats! Products look amazing and really looking forward to the non-foaming cleanser.

    Did you know another skincare line has the name Liquid Gold (Alpha H)? Not sure if it’s available in the US but it’s trade marked in Europe and Oz (I’m in the UK and use it). I don’t understand all the legalities around trade marks/different countries so probably nothing to worry about! My Liquid Gold definitely isn’t gold though – I love that yours is!

    1. I have heard of that product but I don’t *think* there’s a trademark issue, since they sell in the UK and I only sell in the US. I’ll double check, though!

  6. Hello from Greece , I am following you and reading your post religiously, please add greece to your shipping countries, I really want to try your products .Thank you in advance Good luck with your business try!!!!

    1. Unfortunately, Greece requires special paperwork and inspections for cosmetics that are beyond my shipping capabilities at this point. I hope to add them someday!

      1. You can send them marked as present , I am buying from Chel and eBay with no problem , please check it!!!!!!

  7. If I’m and following a Korean Skin Care routine, what step would this fall after? I technically do a blended Korean Skin Care route since hey don’t really use Acids and Vitamin A. I tend to do my Acid/Vitamin C treatments in the morning before the Essence step and I do the retinol in the evening. Would this be only for evening or works as both day and evening moisturizer since it’s sealing in/creating a barrier?

    I’m also still new to the whole routine too (started out with just a basic 3 step) and have slowly been adding something different each week.

    1. Both Rewind and Liquid Gold can be used morning and night. I use Rewind after cleansing and actives but before serums and oils. I use Liquid Gold as my first cream step – after serums and oils but before other creams, sunscreen, or sleeping packs.

  8. Hi Alli~ I unintentionally left the cap loose on my “Rewind” last night after putting it on and didn’t realize it until this morning when I went to apply it. Do you think I compromised and ruined the ingredients? I just love the Rewind and how it feels on my face and what it’s doing but if the ingredients are ruined I need to purchase another one as soon as possible!

    1. Oh no, I think it should be fine! If the cap was resting on top, it probably prevented much evaporation or contamination. Plus, the whole product is really thoroughly preserved. Keep an eye on it in case it changes texture or smell, but I think you’re good. I’m so glad it’s working so well for you!

    1. I already am! International shipping is pretty expensive and I have to charge at cost (I’m too small-scale at this point to subsidize shipping costs), but the option is there!

  9. Hi Alli, Would it be okay to refrigerate my REWIND or would that not be good for it? It is so hot here and I want to make sure it doesn’t go bad on me ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks so much!

    1. Hey Teresa! Rewind is fine if stored at room temperature. If it’s going to be much warmer than that, then it’s probably a good idea to keep it in the fridge, or at least a dark and cool cabinet somewhere to help extend its shelf life ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. My nemesis Propylene Glycol/ Butylene Glycol keeps me from this amazing product. It would be nice if you had something without. All the other ingredients are stellar! I followed and bought some of your recommendation for a long time. Congrats!

  11. I’m in love with your Liquid Gold!! And the candies sent along with my package were right on time. ๐Ÿ™‚ LOVED that special little touch. Perfect!

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