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  1. Hello I so wish I was as talented as you are ! My daughter gave me a sample of NUDE cleansing powder and I loved it I have used vitamin c powder before and when I read the ingrediant list for the nude product it was in it ,but the nude was 70$ far to much for me ,anyhow I’ve started an online Facebook magazine called the fun &frugal fashionista farm wife and I think your DIY would be a great addition at least the easy ones lol ,could you make a formula for a acid queen cleansing powder ?i would have loved to be a tester for you but alas I’m Canadian so I guess that’s out 😢🇨🇦 .also I live on a dairy farm so I have access to raw milk if you have any ideas for that !!thanks so much Paula


  2. Hello,

    Do you know if the Sana astaxanthin gel that you recommended had been discontinued? I can’t find it anywhere, including the sites you listed, and rakuten. Also, do you know how strict koreadepart is over customs declarations? I’d like to try the Donginbi cleansing gel but it’s just a bit too expensive to get through U.K customs (£15 limit – the gel is about £16.50).

    Thank you,


    1. The weight measurements I give are much more accurate than volume measurements – if you’re going to try these recipes, I highly highly recommend picking up a digital scale so you can measure by weight. You can get some really cheap ones and they come in handy all the time!


  3. Hi, I am thinking of trying your DIY CE Ferrulic recipe. It would be my first attempt at DIY. Can you tell me if I will really need a hot plate, or can I use a double boiler on my stove’s cook top? Also, I notice you have omitted the triethanolamine (from Lotioncrafter receipe) and replace it with Germall plus. Could you tell me why? Thanks so much.


  4. Hi acid queen I’m new to this blog.
    I want to ask a silly question. can i make a small batch of niacinamide serum with just distilled water ? For 1 week? Is it effective or not?


  5. Hi acid queen I’m new to this blog.
    I want to ask a silly question. can i make a small batch of niacinamide serum with just distilled water ? For 1 week? Is it effective or not?


  6. Where ARE you, and when is your Vitamin C lotion (or whatever it will be) maKing it’s debut, please???


  7. First, I want to THANK YOU for creating Stratia. I’m a serious fan, and use all your products. Question for you – what are your thoughts on snail mucin? I’ve looked through your many product reviews, and have not seen mention. I currently use it twice a day (after I double cleanse, and before I use Stratia, rewind, fortify and liquid gold!!). I am convinced it does wonders – but since I’m no scientist, was wondering if you could weigh in on its benefits.


    1. Snail mucin definitely works wonders for many people! It’s been found to have naturally-occurring ingredients like allantoin, that are proven skin-soothers. I don’t personally formulate with it just because it presents a lot of formulation and sourcing challenges. Plus, my goal with Stratia is to only make products that don’t already exist on the market. There are good, affordable, well-formulated, and effective snail mucin products already available, so I’d just be reinventing the wheel there.


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