Affiliate Links

I use affiliate links on this blog. I absolutely promise that I only post links to products and sites that I use, love, and would recommend even if I the phrase “affiliate link” had never existed. If you have any questions about this policy or specific products/links, email me at

I don’t accept free products for review because it’s just too much work to test and review products to let someone else pick the products for me. I’ll usually disclose affiliate links, but often I don’t for Amazon affiliate links, because I would have been linking to those products on Amazon anyway and it takes you to the same page, you know? If you feel at all uncomfortable with my disclosure policy, again, please contact me at or in the comments.

I often spend hours or days researching my posts, so affiliate links help keep this blog afloat and let me keep doing what I love: freaking out about science and skincare with you guys.

Affiliate links that help you, too:

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W2Beauty: get $5 off your first order

Memebox: get 20% off your first order of $25 or more

Makeup Artist’s Choice: get 25% off all products

Mishibox: get $5 your first order of $30 or more

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